On 25th of November 2016, CERANEO signed an agreement on the financing of the program “Strengthening the homeless, supporting professionals and the buildup of innovative models of care for the homeless” with the Ministry of Demography, family, youth and social policy, for the first year of implementation.

The project aims to:

  • empower homeless with knowledge and skills necessary for integration into the community;
  • support professionals working with the homeless;
  • raise awareness of the public, the profession and the decision makers at the local level about the problems of homelessness and the need to develop services for the homeless;
  • develop a methodology for collecting data on the number of homeless people in Croatia

The period of the first year of the program: 1. November 2016 – 31. October 2017

Lead partner: CERANEO – Centre for Development of non-profit organizations

Our partner: The City Red Cross Zagreb

Donor: Ministry of Demography, family, youth and social policy