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CERANEO is a think tank organization that collects, analyzes and investigates problems in the area of ​​social policy, promoting innovative approaches in addressing these issues, explores and advocates for greater role of civil society.


  1. Civil society development
  2. Welfare mix
  3. Monitoring of social indicators and the modernization of social policy
  4. Housing policy and homelessness
  5. Social innovations
  6. Philanthropy
  7. Treasury


  1. Develops partnerships with organizations and prominent individuals in Croatia and abroad
  2. Collects and analyzes literature and publications relevant to the development of social policy and civil society
  3. Organizes the discussion of the development of social policy and civil society
  4. Organizes workshops, seminars, round tables and conferences
  5. Advocates a greater role of civil society in public policy
  6. Strengthens the role of civil society organizations and local authorities int he process of decentralization
  7. Conducts action-oriented research in the area of social policy and civil society
  8. Bridges the gap between academic research, policy-makers and practitioners
  9. Affects on public opinion



CERANEO is a think tank organization dedicated to collecting, analyzing and researching problems in the social policy, promoting new initiatives and advocating more important role for civil society.


Modern democratic society should achieve good governance standards involving all stakeholders in the policy making and policy implementation process with strengthening the role of civil society organizations.

In realization of this vision CERANEO will strive to: initiate changes in social policy and take a part in debate on social reform issues proposing policy options; advice cognitive Europeanization and European social model with open method of coordination as a tool in policy making process; convene of respective stakeholder; act as a partner in policy making process of social development; participate as an actor in development of civil society; act as a research and training organization; promote a vibrant intellectual community in the field of socio-economic development and civil society.