The project aims to promote the protection of the right to housing and homelessness prevention in the context of evictions. The research will: identify early intervention and preventive measures, risk factors and risk groups and will create a profile of evicted persons and households. Manifestations of evictions across the EU Member States will be analyzed in the context of structural factors, economic crisis, social welfare system, legal practice and legal protection, and other factors. Measures to prevent homelessness in all EU Member States are priority of the European Commission.

This study will support the reduction of poverty in the EU and the active involvement of the strategy for combating homelessness, reduction of housing vulnerability and promotion of access to quality and efficient social services, as underlined by the Europe 2020 strategy and the Social Investment package.

In order to achieve these objectives, the project team is preparing a study that will cover all EU Member States and following activity will be organization of  European seminar that will discuss the findings of the study.

This study will be divided into two packages. Results of the study Pack 1 should show the latest data and trends in risk factors, causes and effects of initiated and completed evictions and determine the importance of the impact of evictions on creation times in homelessness. The study refers to all EU Member States. The Pack 2 objective is to identify the most successful and the most effective measures of prevention, fight against evictions and their monitoring. This part of the study should cover all relevant existing measures, including temporary measures imposed as a consequence of the crisis. A separate set of analysis of measures relating to the private renting, social renting and own real estate will also be prepared.


The research team has prepared a template for data collection at the national level of legal and political framework, nature and extent of actual evictions and the number of households that are in the process of eviction, the causes and risk factors for eviction, and the extent of evictions leading to homelessness. A national evictions profile of each member country of the European Union will be composed by national experts.

The main research team will identify and analyze trends of evictions in the European Union on the basis of national profile evictions. Research team will also provide a comparison of international evictions profiles (outside the EU), such as the US and / or Australia.

In the Pack 2 national experts need to identify the most effective and most successful measures for the prevention and combation of evictions and their monitoring. The main research team will develop a model for collection of this data at national level. This will result with proposals for each Member State of the EU.

Based on the suggestion of some countries, the main research team will prepare a report on the key results  which will highlight the main conclusions and useful data for the European Union, concerning the “best” practices for preventing, combating evictions and their follow-up comparing of practices of Member States, and possibly the best international practices (countries not in the EU).

 Discussion of the findings and recommendations of the study project team will be presented on one-day European seminar in Brussels that will be organized  in cooperation with the European Commission (scheduled for October 2015). This event will attract about 150 experts and policy makers. A balanced composition of participants will be secured by geographical distribution and expertise. Key experts outside the European Union will be also invited.

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