On Friday, 4th of  November 2016, in the premises of the Department of Social Work, CERANEO organized a panel of experts for the purpose of drafting the report “Sustainability Index of civil society organizations in Croatia for the year 2016”.

Panelists were:

Marina Škrabalo (GONG)

Drago Vručinić (Zaklada ZAMAH)

Milana Romić (Ured za udruge Vlade Republike Hrvatske)

Ivana Zanze (Roditelji u akciji – RODA)

Josipa Rebić (Grad Zagreb, Gradski ured za socijalnu zaštitu i osobe s invaliditetom)

Maja Pudić (Grad Rijeka)

Nikolina Bertol (Mreža udruga ZAGOR)

Zvjezdana Bajić ( Udruga „ZvoniMIR“ – Knin)

Ivana Eterović (Hrvatski pravni centar – HPC)

Miljenko Turniški (Agencija lokalne demokracije Osijek)

Ivan Munjin (U ime obitelji)

Gojko Bežovan, Jelena Matančević, Petra Drčić, Iva Mrdeža i Danijel Baturina (CERANEO)

The Sustainability Index of civil society organizations (CSOs) is a key analytical tool for measuring the progress of the civil sector in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia. It takes into account the overall enabling environment for CSOs, focusing on seven dimensions: legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service provision, infrastructure and public image. Each dimension is assessed according to a scale of 7 degrees where the number 1 indicates a very advanced level, and the number 7 very low level of development. The index was developed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in cooperation with local organizations in the countries in which the index applies.

Panelists actively discussed and evaluated each dimension. Draft statements on a panel of experts will be drawn up by mid-November this year.


We thank all Penalists on an active contribution and participation! 🙂