On Friday, September 30th 2016, at the premises of the Department of Social Work, we held a presentation of the results of CSO Sustainability Index for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia 2015. for Croatia. Petra Drčić and Iva Mrdeža in front of CERANEO presented the results of the sustainability of CSOs in Croatia in 2015, followed by a Ph.D. Gojko Bežovan, president of CERANEO, who presented a comparative analysis of the sustainability dimension of CSOs in Croatia with neighboring countries.


This year CERANEO for the fourth time in a row made “Sustainability Index of civil society in Croatia”. This research project funded by the USAID is a key tool for measuring the progress of the civil sector in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia. CSO Sustainability Index  for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia monitors the status and trends of development of civil society in the twenty-four countries last nineteen years taking into account the overall enabling environment for civil society development, with emphasis on: the legal environment for CSOs, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service provision, infrastructure and public image. The report describes and evaluates the development of civil society in each country and across the region. This year’s report provides a view of civil society during 2015.


The Sustainability Index of civil society organizations in 2015. continues to show a wide range of diversity in the sustainability of civil society organizations operating in 24 countries. The slowing growth of democratic institutions and civil society is noted in some countries, while in some countries this process has been completely stopped. On the other hand, considering the fact that many countries in region are on the road to EU membership, civil society is committed to monitoring the implementation of democratic practices and good governance. Also, 2015 was marked by a wave of immigrants and refugees arriving on the continent mostly from Syria and Iraq, which left an impact on many dimensions of sustainability of civil society organizations. Civil society organizations have played a key role in providing services to refugees and have promoted information and public dialogue related to immigrants along major transit routes, but also outside of them.

Link to this year’s CSO Sustainability Index  for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia for 2015 is below: